Justice Grown currently owns and operates retail cannabis dispensaries in Pennsylvania. Our locations are designed to capture a clean, crisp, professional atmosphere for all our customers. All of our retail associates are knowledgeable of all the products we offer and our staff is trained to provide customers with the highest level of service. The three main components of our dispensaries include (i) spacious waiting areas, (ii) customer consultation rooms, and (iii) comfortable sales floors.

Our waiting areas are typically spacious room designed to allow customers to interact with our receptionist in a warm environment while reviewing our daily menu items. Our customer consultation rooms are enclosed areas where a customer can consult privately with one of our knowledgeable retail associates and ask questions about various products or ways to medicate. Our sales floor is where customers purchase products and increase their familiarity with both our products and retail staff. 

Our dispensary philosophy includes providing customers with a safe space to purchase cannabis as well as get proper knowledge on products and intake methods. We look forward to meeting you and seeing you at one of our locations.