Justice Grown places a strong emphasis on research in the cannabis industry. Our team of dedicated professionals have collected and analyzed comprehensive data from our cultivation, processing and dispensary sites to help progress the development of research. We have organized our facilities to collect and analyze data to help build a collection of information to provide our customers with optimal cannabis products. Our cultivation research focuses on yield by flower grade, including various strains and the impact of different input and environmental factors. We realize there is no “one size fits all” best practices for cultivation, but our methods have proven to produce some the highest quality products in the states we operate.

We have partnered with local schools and universities to educate their medical students on the cannabis plant. This partnership allows cannabis to be integrated into their curriculum, so the students can gain a greater insight into cannabis use for future patient care. Our partnerships professionalize the cannabis industry to the medical community, which ultimately builds a bridge to further national research of the cannabis plant.

To further research in the medical community our team has met and held presentations with the Eastern Epilepsy Foundation, Oncology Associates as well as information sessions with S.A.F.E. (Supporting Autism Families Everywhere). For more information on cannabis research please see the articles below